A Socializing Place, and a Personal Space for the Young

WYWK started with a single Internet bar offering computer game entertainment, grew to over 50 Internet Café in 15 years, commissioned GRID Partners to come up with a new design to set a new standard for the next generation of café chain in Shanghai.

GP’s research found that fast industrialization and urbanization of Chinese economy, grows a large group of young working demographic, this group needs an affordable “3rd Place” for leisure entertainment between their work place and home, GP analysis uncover a strategy for the new WYWK chain; “A reasonably priced, mainstream leisure place that is reputable / respectable, offering comfortable, healthy, relax entertainment, to be the top choice of socializing place, as well as a personal space for the young”.

GP designed all the customers touch points reflecting the new strategy within the café environment, from the coffee bar to the ergonomic game stations and ambiance, enabling customers upgrade their comfort level by the amenity to encourage trading up.

The café prototype was embraced by the customers with overwhelming success, it had grown to be the best performing store of the chain within few months. More café are scheduled to open in the greater Shanghai and beyond.