Creating a one-stop shopping destination for kids & parents at every stage of life

Parents and grandparents spending on single child continue to be the fastest growth retail segment in China, Mamababe wanted to capitalize on this business. GRID helped Mamababe developed the retail strategy of “Bring up a child with Love and Care, helping children for a happy and joyful childhood”, providing solutions to parents that help raise their child.

GP created a “Tree of Life” brand story symbolizing the Tree of growth, support, health, family roots, and energy source. There lived the inhabitants of mini-mascots in the tree community, each have a different role and character to assist the shoppers. Making it a fun, enjoyable growing and learning experience. The shopping environment evolved around trees, with a sense of calm, friendly, healthy, and playful.

The new store became a local destination within a few months; parents and kids waited to get into the store. Mamababe is building more stores in China.