Building a brand by building relation, it is the Total Experience

Linka, one of the top IT retail chain in eastern China, with over 100 stores in 20 cities. While the entire retail industry has already experienced a tectonic shift due to e-commerce, mobile apps and social networking, brick-and-mortar retailers the increased competition from virtual retail, the traditional IT mall retail had little room to grow, must undergo transformation to survive. Linka commissioned GRID Partners to create the in-place for advance digital technology for retail malls catering to the up-scale shoppers.

GP found consumer trying to keep up with the ever changing technology, the discern customers are willing to pay for more than a bargain price, to look for a seamless experience from purchase to usage & support in an ongoing relationship, Linka need to provide the unparalleled quality service to build relation and customer loyalty.

GP composed the brand name LINKUS to link people with technology and custom designed the in-store visual communication to create a brand personality. GP designed a premium shopping experience with an upscale décor of warm, natural & welcoming color palette and materials for a hospitable, clubby environment to created a sense of belonging and trust. Store layout and fixture system articulate human connection about sharing, connecting, linking people to the digital world.

The prototype store had proved to be a success; more stores are opening to build the chain in eastern China.