For kids only
After selling off the third largest appliance chain in China to Best Buy from USA, the cash rich Wu Xing, was poised for new business. It identified the growing one child family in China, young parents and grandparents will buy the best for their kids, hence the opportunity to be the number 1 retailer for kids and parents. Wuxing commissioned GRID Partners to develop a new store concept.

GP study learned that young parents and grandparents knew very little what to buy, the store concept need to attract, show and educate parents, grandparents and kids of all ages, how to be good and enjoyable in bringing up a baby to a teen. GP design the colorful logo and three mascots of “What, How, Why” that teaches kids about “play, learn, and wisdom”, and carried that fun tones to all forms of in-store visual communication. GP had planned the store based on the growth stages of a child together with expert advice, demonstration, and dress-up mascots with activities designed to build relationship with parents/kids for a brand experience.

GP design achieved the best performing store of the regional mall in only a few months. WuXing is rolling out the new concept throughout China.