An Affordable Luxury for the Chinese consumers

JR Simplot, a global food & agribusiness conglomerate, supplying high quality food products to international 5-Star hotel restaurants and QSR chains around the world, wanted to offer an affordable Luxury for the Chinese consumer, as a Simplot direct channel to gain leverage-able consumer insights from the main stream consumer, gradually modifying the Chinese perception of “steak” and their eating habit to include beef as part of their daily food mix. GRID Partners was commissioned to develop a new channel named FLAMME to be scalable for a chain restaurant in the greater Beijing region, ultimately to be nation wide.

GP designed a memorable brand dining experience through an overarching strategy, to create a Simplot’s mythical meat packing plant; the professional quality, industrial scale, trusted, confidence, to position as the category leader. Thru a décor of industrial aesthetic, black iron, warm wood, and deep color palette, the bold B&W graphics with classic typography conveys its heritage and confidence, fitting of an industry leader. GP carried out the design to all customers contact points, website, private label merchandise and packaging, staffs trade dress, menus, table setting, amenity and environment.

The new restaurant had tested successfully with tremendous commercial malls management interests, the new concept is being expanded in China.