Fine-tuning the French way of doing business in New York

The Cartier flagship store in New York City is a Fifth Ave landmark, with substantial in-store traffic. Cartier commissioned GRID Partners to convert this sizable traffic into increased store sales.

GP studied shoppers’ behavior through security video footage, and discovered that shoppers are mostly tourists looking to acquire a piece of the Cartier legend to take home. However, the narrow pathway through the room-by-room layout was impeding customer traffic flow.

GP created an oversized window display to attract rushing passersby’s on Fifth Avenue and entice them to pause and enter the store. The front room was re-merchandised into the Cartier Experience which satisfies admirers at all price levels, with price points that grow as the shopping path progresses by category: wedding bands, watches, luxury jewelry, legendary jewelry, culminating in a personal shopper VIP room.

The new business model and design successfully achieved in-store sales growth.