Starting the books retail revolution in the world

Years ago, Barnes & Noble came to GRID Partners to look for ways of changing the small book store retail format to a superstore destination in towns and cities of America.
Learning from nation wide retail tour with the brother owners, we found the customers’ love to spend time relaxing in reading while enjoying a good cup of coffee, the longer they stay, the more they buy.

We designed the new superstore with library like fixture to make it easy to find books, integrated with reading lounges like a country club, introduced the world renowned Starbucks coffee as the in-house café, we further created an American Authors Mural to enhance the intellectual value for B&N. The Mural, the large store and its atmosphere caught the attention of the publishing circle, NY Times, and the consumer; soon B&N became the consumers’ choice of third place.

B&N’s continue to be the largest bookstore retail chain in America. Its success had inspired many new super bookstores in almost every city around the world.